About Line Dancing:

There are many Benefits from Line dancing, its regular exercise,and can reduce stress,
Dancing is an enjoyable form of exercise improving muscle strength, flexibility,
memory, co-ordination whilst being low impact and aerobic.

Your confidence grows while learning to dance giving you the opportunity
To make new friends, social dancing, Dance weekends in the UK and abroad.

There is no age limit or previous dance experience needed
Most people think they have 2 left feet,
I like to think I can help them to find the right one!

Learning to Line dance should be FUN!
If you start with an absolute beginners class, where basic steps are taught
Smile relax and have FUN! commit to a weekly class
Practice what you have been taught, be patient with yourself you will get there.

When dancing try and keep in line and take smaller steps
Dance like no one is watching!

There is no such thing as a mistake in linedancing its called a variation.

Line Dancing
Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.
if unsure check with your GP first.
classes at Mytchett

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